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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Well, By Golly

For someone who usually doesn't write song lyrics I'm outdoing myself. LOL This particular song should have been written first. I just didn't think of it. I'm still hurt, as would be any woman married as long as I have been only to find out her husband has thought her to be a sort of freak for the past years since two mastectomies relieved her of her bosoms. I chose not to have reconstruction. I don't regret it one bit! And, I don't regret having had cancer either, as this song will reveal. I now have hair, who needs boobs?

Twisted Man

A pair of distorted
eyes and a heart
without a heart, one
that knows no love,
turns away from my
chest, loathing the
scars where I once
had breasts. He is a
Twisted Man.

Do you really want
me now, Twisted
Man, or are you just
afraid of being alone?
Is that the only reason
you always call me
on the phone?

The Twisted Man
said he would love
me anyway, instead
he shoved me away
with contempt. How
can he resent that I
have survived, that
I'm still alive? The Twisted
Man knows no love.

Do you really want
me now, Twisted
Man, or is it guilt
that brings you here
anyhow? Should I
make my phone a
number unlisted?

While one remained,
the Twisted Man
loved me just the
same, but, when I
lost the other, the
Twisted Man had
to make me suffer,
much, a life without
a single touch.

Do you really want
me now, Twisted Man,
or do you see yourself
growing old? Are you
afraid of being left out
in the cold? Is that the
reason you wish I'd stayed?

People say: “How
wonderful that you
have survived.” But,
cancer was not my
greatest threat; it was the
Twisted Man whose
heart is bent; it is
he who has been
my greatest threat.

Do you really want
me now Twisted Man?
Do you really love
me now Twisted Man?
I can see clearly how
your mind might think.
What I see is so unkind.

I am not one who has
survived; I am one who
has thrived. Evil disease
has taken away my breasts,
but a gift has been left,
a closer look at life
and changed priorities.
It is the Twisted
Man who has died.

It is he who has
not survived. The
Twisted Man who
knows no love, the
Twisted Man who
wants me now. The
Twisted Man, says
he loves me now.

Twisted Man,
Twisted Man,
Twisted Man.

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  1. Wow. That's a very strong piece of poetry. Lovely choice of words, and you bring them together so well.